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This ornamental Sparkle Star is a Tiffany Style stained glass item with dimensions 7.0”x 7.0”x 0.2"


It is made from three types of stained glass: RIPPLE and REAMY GLASS with rippled wavy textures that create a sparkling effect and CATHEDRAL GLASS which is single color transparent glass that transmits light in glowing colors.


The Sparkle Star consists of 11 glass pieces, each of which is carefully cut by hand and then joined together using Tiffany copper-foiling and soldering technique.


A beautiful metal chain has been attached to make it ready for easy hanging.


This stained glass item is unique as a sparkling hanging decoration in the home, window, living room, dining room, reception, wall, garden, patio, balcony, corridor etc. Its brilliant colors create a dance of light and color on surrounding surfaces and walls.

Sparkle Star

  • Material: Glass


    Type: Stained Glass


    Color: Multicolored


    No. of Pieces: 11 stained glass pieces


    Dimensions:  7.0”x 7.0"x 0.2"

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