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This Stained Glass Tea Light Holder Set is an example of exquisite craftsmanship.


Dimensions of each Holder is: Height 1.75"x Width 2.75"

It is handcrafted from several types of fancy stained glass that transmits light in rainbow colors; which is transparent or semi-transparent with swirls and streaks that diffuse light and create a glowing effect; and colorless designer glass which gives a sparkling effect.

Each enchanting tea light holder consists of 7 glass pieces, each of which has been cut individually by hand. These pieces have been joined together using Tiffany copper foiling and soldering method.

2 Tea lights have been included to enable instant lighting of the set.

Brighten up your home on festivals and special occasions with this unique Tea light Holder Set. It is a fabulous celebration décor item for the home.

Colorful Tea Light Holder Set

  • Material: Glass


    Type: Stained Glass


    Color: Multicolored


    No. of Pieces: 7 stained glass pieces per holder


    Dimensions:  1.75"x 2.75"x 0.2”

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