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This stained glass ‘OM’ is a unique decorative piece of size 7.7”x 8.5”

It is handcrafted from two types of fancy stained glass - Opalescent Glass which is semi-transparent with swirls and streaks that diffuse light and create a glowing effect; and Colorless Designer glass which gives a sparkling effect.

Each of the 18 glass pieces has been carefully cut by hand and then joined together with Tiffany copper-foiling and soldering technique.

This stained glass OM decoration will add a unique touch to your home and beautify your living room/ Pooja room/bedroom/ dining room/ foyer/ patio/ balcony/ corridor etc.

‘OM’ Hanging Decoration

  • Material: Glass


    Type: Stained Glass


    Color: Multicolored


    No. of Pieces: 18 stained glass pieces


    Dimensions:  7.7”x 8.5”x 0.2”

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