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What is Stained Glass?

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

“Stained Glass” is recognized as a true art form where colored glass is used for making decorative lamps, window panels, hangings, boxes and other showpiece objects through which light passes producing amazing color effects with angle of viewing.

Technically glass is a mixture and its composition (silica, alkali and lime) varies from one batch to another, making it unique in each manufacturing process.

Stained Glass uses colored glass which is “stained” or colored by adding various metallic oxides while it is in the molten state. Color is actually part of the glass, produced when these metallic oxides are added to the molten glass during the glass making process. Hence it is ‘stained’ permanently through the manufacturing process, not by coloring it afterwards.

The iridescent colors of stained glass become vibrant when light transmits through it.

Stained glass is known for its unsurpassed ornamental quality and atmosphere creating element.

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